• District and Board Goals for the 2016-2017 School Year

    District Goals

    A. Continue to create and offer parent education programs to help build a closer home–school partnership, with a specific focus on academic topics as measured by number of programs/parent attendance/evaluation.

    B. Continue to increase the leverage of technology through hardware and software for blended learning, student collaboration through the use of Google Apps for Education and professional development for staff to promote student achievement.

    C. Improve student achievement in high school mathematics and 7-12 language arts as measured by PARCC.

    D. Develop district wide consistency protocols in supervision, delivery and evaluation of curriculum, lesson planning and high school courses of studies.

    E. Provide for student exploration of future college and careers beginning at the middle school level and including engagement of parents and community.


    Board Goals

    A. Successfully complete a search for a new Superintendent of Schools.

    B. Determine the district educational goals with input and data from administration.

    C. Monitor the effectiveness of instructional programs by measuring student achievement against state and local standards and other pertinent data.

    D. Set high standards for all students based on multiple assessment measures.

    E. Develop and utilize skills in teamwork, consensus building, collaborative problem solving and decision making.



    District and Board Goals 2016-2017